Panoramic photography has been an area of interest for me since the early 80's. Starting with a Globuscope 35mm camera, I quickly upgraded to a Hulcherama that uses 120 format film to do photography capable of being enlarged to eight foot widths. I used the Hulcher for many years. I used it for photographing commercial real estate, stadiums including Fenway Park in Boston, Wrigley Field Chicago, Old and New Comisky in Chicago, Tri River in Pittsburgh. I also photographed the GHO in Hartford Connecticut, and the Masters in 1991 in Augusta Georgia. I even used the camera to photograph all the NHL trophies in one 360 degree shot on the ice at the Hartford Civic Center!

I made panoramic photographs at Cape Cod for many years during the 80's and 90's, which my lab, Primary Colour Labs, printed to large sizes and sold through the Chatham Gallery in downtown Chatham, Massachusetts.
As the 21st century opened, I took a hiatus from making new panoramas, and transitioned from a wet lab to an all digital lab, which I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2001. I still own and operate digitalmomentum (, and have the capability of making very large panoramic prints, as well as short run poster editions.

I'm a very active photographer, primarily photographing panoramas and landscapes in Cape Cod and Florida. I also love to shoot sports, and was the team captain for the US Maccabi photography team. I went to Israel for the second time in 2013 for the World Maccabiah Games, involving over 9,000 athletes from over 40 countries.
This site is very much in it's infancy, and I work on it several times a week. Be sure to come back and visit, and see what is new.

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